Trucksters opens its first international branch offices in Germany and Belgium

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Trucksters has begun its international expansion with two new delegations in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia (Bielefeld, Germany) and Brussels (Belgium). The company expands its innovative FTL transport service, which is based on a relay system between drivers assisted by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The German branch office will be led by Fuat Karabag from DHL Freight. As for Belgium, Grégory Truijens —a freight transport specialist who has previously worked for DHL Global Forwarding, Geodis, Mediamarkt, and Sanorice— will assume lead responsibility from Brussels.

Madrid-Dortmund will require 50% less time

Trucksters has been successfully operating routes between Europe and Spain since 2020 thanks to its truck relay system for road freight transport. For example, it currently runs the Madrid-Dortmund (Germany) route (and viceversa) in just 24 hours, which is 50% less than what a conventional freight route would require—usually more than 48 hours (2 days). All of this is achieved as the living conditions of the drivers are also improved by enabling them to sleep at home.

Delegation in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

The company has entrusted Fuat Karabag to lead the project in Germany. The new member of Trucksters comes from DHL Freight, where he worked as Head of Sales FTL. With an extensive experience in the industry, Karabag has also been in companies such as DB Schenker: “I am looking forward to the new challenge of working for a young and very dynamic company like Trucksters, a company that drives innovation while keeping its feet on

the ground, and that offers a value proposition that the industry needs.”

This new branch office in Bielefeld will be key to coordinating Trucksters’ freight transport services to and from Germany, which operate on two different routes and share the North Rhine-Westphalia region as their hub. Currently, Trucksters focuses on three main itineraries: from North-Central Spain to Benelux/West Germany, from the Levante to Benelux/West Germany, and from the Levante to Poland.

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Delegation in Brussels (Belgium)

Trucksters’ freight transport services to and from Belgium are carried out through two different routes: the ‘Levante’ axis connecting the Spanish regions of Valencia and Barcelona with Belgium, and the ‘Central’ axis connecting Madrid with Belgium. Both routes continue to the Netherlands and the German Ruhr region.

Grégory Truijens, a transport and logistics specialist who has worked for companies such as DHL Global Forwarding, Geodis, Mediamarkt and Sanorice, among others, has been chosen to head the Belgian branch office and states that: “Joining the Trucksters family is an honest pleasure: I immediately felt the enthusiasm, conviction and immense drive to change the freight industry, and that is precisely what inspired me to join the challenge. I am very happy to be one of the voices that will spread Trucksters’ vision and objective in the Belgian market”.

Substantial expansion plans

With a road transport system based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the Spanish company operates as an airline through corridors and is able to achieve air transport times at ground transport prices. Trucksters manages to keep the trucks running continuously, getting the most out of them.

“With these new locations in Germany and Belgium, we will take every opportunity to further establish ourselves in the European market and to provide improved services to our existing customers, as well as to expand the business. By opening these branch offices, we can significantly increase our visibility in important markets such as Germany and Belgium. Our goal is to become the main reference for express transport in Europe”, emphasizes

Gabor Balogh, co-founder of Trucksters.

“We will use this opportunity to further establish ourselves in the European market and to provide improved services to our existing customers” says Gabor Balogh

With its innovative business model, Trucksters not only seeks to win new customers, but also to offer advantages to potential partners: this is because the company offers third parties to incorporate their vehicles on a dedicated basis under the Trucksters umbrella. This way, Trucksters can achieve a scalable fleet since focusing on the same specific routes each day can lead to covering more kilometers than in the traditional way.

Improved living conditions for truckers

Trucksters’ transport service enables truckers to sleep more at home: our professionals only have to reach a section of a total longer route and swap semitrailers at relay points with another truck. Afterwards, they drive the new load back in the opposite direction. Thanks to these relays, their quality of life improves in addition to improving the transport service perceived by their customers, which is faster and more cost-efficient than traditional services.

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José Ángel Sanz