Trucksters breaks turnover record of over €5M and focuses on the Netherlands and Italy

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Trucksters ended 2021 with a more than €5M turnover. This figure represents a 300% growth compared to 2020. The company, which have been in the market since 2018, work with the goal of becoming one of the benchmark fleet operators in Spain and in Europe while improving the life of truck drivers thanks to relays.

Forecast: €30 million in 2022

The startup’s turnover continues to increase monthly, as evidenced by the fact that it ended December 2021 with more than €950,000 in sales. The good data makes Trucksters’ forecasts for 2022 very optimistic, as they expect to end the year with a total revenue of €30 million.

Luis Bardají, co-founder and CEO of the company, emphasizes: “This past year we have achieved major milestones that have allowed us to make a considerable leap forward in the industry. We will continue working with the idea of making the relay system the standard method in Europe.

All this while improving the living conditions of carriers. Our goal is to make the logistics ecosystem more sustainable and humane in every way.”

Gran expansión internacional

After arriving to Germany and Belgium in 2021, Trucksters have now set its sights on the Netherlands and Italy, where they expect to open new branches this year. Trucksters have been successfully operating routes between Europe and Spain since 2020 thanks to their system of truck relays.

Currently, Trucksters have 82 drivers working exclusively for the company and a fleet of 130 trucks that is expected to increase to 300 by the end of the year, according to the plans put in place by the startup. In addition, their rapid expansion has resulted in them ending the year with more than 50 people on the team and with new open positions that will allow them to continue to grow.

“We continue to work to make the relay system the standard in Europe. All this while improving the living conditions of the carriers,” says Luis Bardají.

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Improving the carriers’ living conditions

Trucksters’ transport service allows truck drivers to sleep more often at home, as they only drive shorter stretches of a longer route and then exchange semi-trailers with another truck to carry the goods in the opposite direction at relay points. Thanks to these relays, their quality of life is improved and the transport service perceived by their customers is faster and more cost-efficient than traditional services.

With a trucking system based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the Spanish company operate as an airline through corridors and are able to achieve air transport timings at ground transport prices. Trucksters manage to keep trucks running continuously, getting the most out of each trip.

More than 600 customers: Kimberly Clark, DPD Group and Amazon, among them.

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Carmen Hidalgo