Six key advantages of road freight transportation

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Changes in the distribution model and in goods consumption, as well as the surge in e-commerce have tightened the supply chains all over the world. In the face of change and uncertainty, accentuated by the COVID-19 health crisis, international road freight transportion has proven its value. The reason for this is that it fully retains the advantages that make it the preferred choice for shippers, regardless of their company’s size.

1. Flexibility and adaptability

Neither ship, rail, nor air transport can compete with the flexibility provided by road transport. Getting a truck ready and heading to its destination requires but a fraction of the planning needed by its competitors. Whether it’s done traditionally by means of phone calls and emails, or with more sophisticated tools, such as driver and vehicle scheduling software, a pallet delivery can be easily and quickly activated.

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2. Low costs

In spite of rising fuel prices, transporting goods by road continues to be a competitive strategy. Elements such as the improvements developed in vehicle efficiency, route optimization technologies, and the current upsurge of alternative fuels play to the advantage of transporting goods along a highly capillarized road network.

Vehicles require minimal specific infrastructures to carry out their work, which are in any case more competitive than those of train stations or airports. The drop in road accident rates and the improvements manufacturers are implementing in active and passive safety also reduce road shipment costs.

Trucks require minimal infrastructures to carry out their work in comparison to those used in rail or air transportation

3. Shipment tracking and security

Today’s geolocation systems allow us to track the location of vehicles and their shipment in real time and throughout the entire route. Shipment tracking is so highly developed nowadays, that delivery from a loading dock to an unloading dock is now possible without margin of error. This should especially be taken into account for hazardous materials or refrigerated & frozen goods. The traceability provided by the current technology is complemented by being under the supervision of the unit’s driver and the shippers themselves.

4. Immediacy

The road network’s extension allows the delivery of goods to anywhere in the world, immediately, at any given time. For urgent services of up to 1,500 miles, this type of transport actually increases its advantage against the rest. The rapid arrival of goods is possible thanks to door-to-door shipment. This is a big competitive advantage when compared to air and rail transportation: once the latter arrive at their destination, other vehicles are required to transport the goods to a warehouse, often located in industrial parks.

5. Efficiency and timeliness

Transporting freight from one point to another in the least amount of time and at a minimum cost. The key principle of transportation is applied on a daily basis during road freight transportation procedures. Not only is it a service that allows us to meticulously establish the date and time of the cargo’s collection and delivery, but it also stands out for its efficiency due to the constant improvements it allows to incorporate in the company’s daily activity.

Engines that are more efficient with each passing year; vehicles that are increasingly less polluting, or directly powered by clean energy; and replacements between drivers are only some of the main contributions that come with this type of transport.

6. High possibility of replacement

In the event of a breakdown or an accident—and if the cargo is in good state—replacing the vehicle with another to cover the planned route can be done easily and fast. The latest advances in digitalization allow us to reassign the delivery service to the nearest vehicles so as to minimize fuel consumption and impact on operations.

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José Ángel Sanz