The fastest refrigerated truck transport in Europe

International refrigerated transport

Our speed allows us to transport 100% fresh products all over Europe. Thanks to our fully sensorized fleet you will always know where your shipment is, we guarantee you the visibility you need on your cargo.

Specialists in refrigerated food transportation

Refrigerated transport is essential to maintain the cold chain necessary for the integrity of perishable products. Thanks to our relay system, we are one of the fastest refrigerated transport companies in Europe.

we do it?

1 Departure

2 Relay Point

3 Arrival

Relay route

Departure of the cargo

The cargo departs from the point of origin in one of our sensorized trailers. The Trucksters carrier drives 9 hours to the relay point. This is the maximum legal driving time until he must make his mandatory stop.


Trailer exchange takes place

At the monitored relay point there is an exchange of trailers between drivers. So the load does not have to remain stationary during the drivers’ legal rest period (11h). The exchange is between trailers, so the cargo is not handled.


The load arrives at its final destination

The load continues to its final destination with a new driver, so that we avoid unnecessary stops along the way. Our door opening sensor alerts us that we are finally unloading. The first driver is on their way back to the departure point with another load.


An innovative transportation model for different companies
‘‘The integration into our supply chain has been really easy. The communication with the Trucksters team has made it possible for us to find the operating system that best suits our needs and at the same time respect schedules.''
Antje Ullrich - Procurement at Crowdfarming
The Challenge
Speed of shipment is a crucial issue for Crowdfarming as they deal with fresh products. They needed a supplier that could ensure the shortest possible transit time and the maintenance of the right temperatures to guarantee the quality of their products.
Our Solution
Our speed allows them to transport a 100% fresh product throughout Europe. Thanks to our transparency and communication, Crowdfarming has a fully integrated transport service in its logistics chain. Our quick response to any kind of situation has allowed them to focus on customer satisfaction instead of dedicating resources to managing their transport.
Flexibility to suit all our customers
The Challenge
Flexibility of shipments and localization of cargo is the main need for Schüco. It is essential for them to meet the estimated delivery times for their customers, so they need a stable and reliable partner that can guarantee minimum transit times and the certainty of meeting the estimated deadline.
Our Solution
Our constant communication and total transparency regarding the location of the cargo, allow them to have total control of the shipments, being able to guarantee minimum transit times for their customers. Our relay system allows Schüco to benefit from the highest possible speed in their shipments.
We adapt to what our customers need
Thanks to our relay system, we guarantee that our customers' cargo stops for the shortest possible time. Thanks to this model, we have not had any incidents since we have been operating.
Our transport model allows us to be up to 2x faster than the industry average. This is especially important for customers who are looking to get to the end consumer as quickly as possible and works under tight time constraints.
Our fleet is fully sensorized, which allows us to offer our customers a real-time view of where their cargo is at all times from our Customer Portal.
We have a wide variety of trucks to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, thanks to our robustness we are able to adapt to their high-demand seasons when they need a higher volume of shipments.
The speed and transparency our customers need
‘’Trucksters' way of communicating is more preventive than reactive, which is not the norm for the usual suppliers who try to communicate as little as possible about incidents. With them, we are always aware of how the services are going and that gives us great peace of mind’’.
The Challenge
The biggest pain point for Paack has been the lack of information and communication from its suppliers. The dependence on external elements to meet their objectives in terms of service quality was one of his major concerns.
Our Solution
Our constant communication in any situation provides Paack with complete visibility of their shipments, allowing them the possibility of freeing up resources that can now be used more efficiently. With us, they can rely on a large, professional and traceable fleet that meets their service and quality objectives.

This is our fleet for road transport of goods

Your cargo is always safe in our fully equipped and sensorized fleet.

transporte por carretera con megatrailer


Need more volume in the same FTL? Our megatrailers are at your disposal.

transporte refrigerado internacional

Refrigerated truck

Our international refrigerated trailers look super cool on the outside, but they’re also cool on the inside. Measure the temperature in real time with our sensors.

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Closed Box

Our ultra-secure solution, equipped with locks and security sensors.