We have a big purpose, what’s yours?

We want to transform the transport industry to achieve better living conditions for drivers and a faster, transparent and secure service for our clients.

Join us for this challenge


Key benefits

Young talent? Senior experience? We combine the best of both.

Hybrid work model

You can choose the model that best suits you.

Work hard, play harder

You will be always welcome at our afterworks in the office.

You will be part of a brilliant team

With a dynamic, young and international environment.

Safe space to test and fail

You can learn and grow with us in the build measure and learn cycle.

Flexible compensation

Cobee discounts on kindergarten, commuting and food.


Our values make a difference

Our values are present in the daily life of the company and in every member of the team. Want to know what they are?


We want to coordinate the world’s long-haul transportation: It will be hard, so we need people with enough ambition to fuel the effort that is required for such a long-distance challenge.

Intellectual Humility

We need to be humble while addressing problems. Data, and not a hierarchy or previous experience, is what will allow us to make the smartest decisions.

Doing Good

Let’s build long-term and healthy relationships with the ecosystem (clients, providers, drivers, colleagues, and the environment). Let’s be transparent.

Good Vibes

We’ve got tough challenges ahead. So, let’s not make things harder within the team – be nice to your teammates and skip the gossip.

The teams

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07 team


In charge of planning all our routes and shipments in each of the active corridors.


Management of daily operations, prevent incidents and ensure the success of all our customers’ shipments.


Search for partners that want to colaborate on our routes. They manage everything related to our providers including the onboardings and partners’ well being.


Deal with the economic responsibilities of the company.


In charge of growing and retaining the Trucksters team, taking into account the needs of each department as well as ensuring the growth of the people.


Seek opportunities to collaborate with new customers. They also manage the relationship with our clients by constantly following up on each of the accounts.


Letting the world know about the awesome stuff that takes place here.


Development and design of our technology and internal tools. They work to improve our technology every day to offer the best possible service.

Join us in this challenge


employees value the most our flexible working hours and the work environment.


would recommend Trucksters to a friend.


of our employees believe in Trucksters’ mission and value the impact we have on the industry.

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Our employees said

When asked what working at Trucksters means to them, these were some of the answers we got:

“A chance to improve the world, through bettering ourselves”.

“It means being able to grow and change an industry stuck in the past”.

“It means the possibility to grow personally and professionally in a scale-up that is rapidly increasing its value”.

“Learn each day from the best people”.

“The hybrid model and flexibility make the work-life balance easier, and that is something I highly appreciate.”.


How we hire

Our hiring process is thorough, to ensure we make the right decision and to help you to decide if we’re the right fit for you — in some roles the process may be a little different.

Getting to know you

If your profile goes through our first screening you will have a first Google Meet video-call with our People team. It will be an easy-going conversation where you will get more information about the company, culture and growth. In addition, you will be given more details about the team which you can be part of.

Hiring Manager’s Interview

If the interview with our People team goes well, we will invite you to an interview with the Hiring Manager. Here the Hiring Manager will take a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in the business or technology area —some roles will have a test or case study in this phase. Be calm, but be prepared!

Final Chat – “Beer” Test

You made it to the very last stage! Congratulations! The beer-test is an informal conversation, usually with someone from another team so that you get to know each other. Take advantage of this moment to learn more about the day-to-day in our company.

We want to meet you

If you don’t find your perfect position here but are interested in working with us, you can leave your CV here and we will be in contact for future open roles.

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