Shaping the future of sustainable trucking

Help us to reinvent the sector

Our mission

A more humane freight transport is possible

We know how hard is to change a sector stuck in the past, but we believe it is possible.

Trucksters was born with a mission, to transform the transportation industry and enhance the quality of life of drivers. Our main objective is to improve conditions of the whole industry, starting with the drivers that work with us.

With our relay system we get to improve their conditions. Do you want to know more about how relays work?

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What did we achieve?

Humanize the sector

Our drivers are our family and we treat them like that. We listen to them and work hard to improve their working conditions.

Better quality of life

We take the quality time they spend at home very seriously and offer them both income and job stability.

Technology at their service

We provide them with the tools they need to make their days easier.


Speed is key, people even more

When your mission is your best selling proposition, wheels do not stop turning. Our clients are concerned about the conditions of those who work with them. They are also focused on speed up their shippings.

Working with us means helping to shift the industry towards a more sustainable, socially responsible and faster model.


Do you want to join this challenge?

This is just the beginning

We don’t want to stop here

Our objective is to expand our model to the hole sector.

We continue working

To offer better conditions for our drivers, not only in their work but in their life and those of their families.


Help us build a more sustainable alternative

Transport is responsible for more than 30% of CO2 emissions in the EU, 72% of which come from road transport.

Empty kilometers cause a large part of these emissions. By operating our corridor-based model, we get network effects and reduce the empty km avoiding unnecessary CO2.

We are working towards a greener future

Our technology allow us to optimize our routes and empty kilometers traveled, enabling us to avoid unnecessary travel and emissions.

We are transforming our fleets to low-emission vehicles. We give priority in our operations to fleets that already have cleaner vehicles.

For the 2023 year we will have an electrified route and the objective is to convert the total of our routes to electric in the next few years.

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