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The fastest FTL transport operator in Europe

Thanks to our relay system we offer a faster and safer full truck load transport

Full truckload freight

When other trucks stop, we
do relays

express transport system

Speed up your logistics

With relays, our clients arrive 2 times faster.

new transport system

Be part of the change

Future proof your logistics and get ready for this new era.

trucksters positive impact

Make a positive impact

We work hard to improve drivers’ working conditions.

express transport service

FTL transport

We offer a full-load transport service

The full truckload transport service consists of full truckloads so that a single customer sends goods to a single consignee. This type of transport has the great advantage of reducing to a minimum the number of trips of the goods.

This means that the transport is much faster and safer since it goes from warehouse to warehouse, avoiding unnecessary stops at logistic hubs, thus avoiding waiting times at the loading docks.

Why full truck load transport?

Here are the benefits of full truckload freight transport

Avoid waiting times

We load your cargo at the origin point and unload at the destination, there is no additional points

Reduce CO2 emissions

Thanks to full loadings, we reduce empty km by more than 50%, thus avoiding a large amount of CO2 emissions

Safer routes

Increase the safety of your cargo with our direct routes and relay system

¿What makes our full truckload freight company different?

Our Algorithm

We manage clients’ goods and optimize the routes, reducing transit time and empty kilometers. This makes us one of the most efficient FTL transport companies in the world.

We do relays

Through our logistic corridors, we have fixed relay points where a truck exchanges its semi-trailer with another truck, avoiding stops and making it possible for the driver to come back home sooner.

We get & share the data

Our sensorized semi-trailers get critical data (temperature, location, door opening…) and the Customer Portal shows this data to our clients in real-time to make their FTL transport experience better and safer.

Driver Centric Mindset

While the industry suffers from driver shortage… we are increasing our fleet. We are here to change international full load transport services, do you want to be a part of it?


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