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The fastest FTL transport operator in Europe

Thanks to our relay system we offer a faster and safer full truck load transport

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FTL transport

We offer a full-load transport service

With our full truckload transport services we offer a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their logistics operations. In this mode of transportation, a full truckload of goods is transported from a single customer to a single consignee. This approach carries several significant advantages, primarily aimed at optimizing the speed and safety of the delivery process.

One of the key benefits of full truckload transport is its ability to minimize the number of trips required to transport goods. By consolidating a customer’s entire load into a single truck, there is a notable reduction in the overall number of trips needed. This is in stark contrast to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, where multiple shipments from various customers are combined onto a single truck.

The direct, point-to-point nature of full truckload transport makes it faster and more efficient, as the cargo travels directly from the origin warehouse to the destination warehouse.

Furthermore, this approach, combined with our relay system, significantly enhances safety during transit. Since the goods move directly from one warehouse to another, it eliminates the need for unnecessary stops at logistic hubs or distribution centers. This not only expedites the transit process but also minimizes the risk of damage, loss, or theft that can occur during these intermediate stops. Moreover, thanks to the relays, there are no long stops. FTL transport also reduces waiting times at loading docks, ensuring that the goods are on their way promptly.

In summary, our full truckload transport services offer a streamlined, direct, and secure mode of moving your cargo. It minimizes the number of trips, optimizing speed and safety while reducing the potential for logistical disruptions. This makes it an attractive option for businesses like yours seeking efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

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Why full truck load transport?

Here are the benefits of full truckload freight transport

Avoid waiting times

We load your cargo at the origin point and efficiently unload at the destination, ensuring a streamlined process with no additional stops that could potentially delay the timely arrival of your goods at their intended destination. Move your goods faster with us.

Reduce CO2 emissions

We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable transportation industry. That is why, thanks to our FTL transport service, we reduce empty kilometers, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. Keep reading to know more about our route electrification goals!

Safer routes

Increase the safety of your cargo with our direct routes and relay system. Why does our relay system improve security? Driver A and driver B drive to a relay point, where they exchange their loads and go back to their starting points. This means that we avoid one driver doing the whole trip and having to stop the 11 hours required by law.

Full truckload freight

When other trucks stop, we
do relays

express transport system

Speed up your logistics

With relays, our clients arrive 2 times faster.

new transport system

Be part of the change

Future proof your logistics and get ready for this new era.

trucksters positive impact

Make a positive impact

We work hard to improve drivers’ working conditions.

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