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The fastest food transport operator in Europe

Thanks to our relay system, we offer faster and safer food transportation.

Food transportation by truck

Europe’s fastest food transport by truck

4 keys for the best food transportation service

Food safety

Ensuring the safety of food products is vital. That is why our sensored semi-trailers are constantly monitoring key metrics such as location, temperature and door opening to make sure your cargo arrives in pristine condition.

Temperature control

Maintaining the right temperature during transit with our refrigerated trucks and making sure the cold chain is never disturbed is our priority. We aim to provide a food transportation service of the highest quality.


Thanks to our AI and Big Data based system, you will be able to know where your cargo is and relevant information (such as stops, door opening and temperature control) in real time. We believe transparency is key.


Thanks to our relay system, trucks make shorter stops, which reduces the risk of theft during food transport. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that the goods arrive safely at their destination.

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Food transport by road

We offer a fast and highly reliable food transportation service.

The perishable food transport service and refrigerated food transport service entails the shipment of trucks complete with isothermal containers for a single customer to send goods to a single consignee. This type of transport has the great advantage of minimizing the number of trips the goods have to make.

This means that the transport is much faster and safer, as it goes from warehouse to warehouse, avoiding unnecessary stops in logistics centers, thus avoiding waiting times at the loading docks, which makes us able to transport your cargo faster.

Trucksters is one of the fastest food transport companies in Europe and we can provide you with a service for both non-perishable food transport and perishable food transport, as we have isothermal containers as well.

Due to our speed, you could ship twice as much merchandise in the same amount of time, which will allow you to double your profits. Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for your no-obligation quote, our team will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to manage your food transportation.

Do you want to know how it works?

If you are curious about the food transportation service we provide to our customers, we encourage you to take a look at our use cases and see for yourself how we can help you get your cargo to its destination faster:


What makes us different as road food transportation company?

Our Algorithm

We manage clients’ goods and optimize the routes, reducing transit time and empty kilometers. This makes us one of the most efficient freight transportation companies in the world.

We do relays

Through our logistic corridors, we have fixed relay points where a truck exchanges its semi-trailer with another truck, avoiding stops and enabling the driver to come back home.

We get & share the data

Our sensorized semi-trailers get critical data for food transport (temperature, location, door opening…) and the Customer Portal shows this data to our clients in real-time.

Driver Centric Mindset

While the industry suffers from driver shortage… we are increasing our fleet. We are here to change international transport companies, do you want to be a part of it?


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