BBVA and Trucksters collaborate to promote international trade and sustainable logistics

BBVA’s business customers who need to import or export products to international markets will be able to save money while helping the environment thanks to a collaboration agreement between BBVA and the transport company Trucksters. This sustainable logistics option allows goods to be transported faster and at a lower cost, while mitigating the impact on the planet thanks to a relay system. This initiative is in addition to BBVA’s support solutions for foreign trade and international expansion, with which the bank facilitates the internationalization of companies.

The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from freight transport is, at present, one of the great challenges against climate change. The International Energy Agency has warned that freight transport is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions and 25% of those come from Spain. Road transport accounts for 75% of polluting emissions.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

In order to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, BBVA offer companies a more sustainable logistics service thanks to their collaboration with Trucksters. In this way, the bank’s customers can carry out international road transport at a lower cost and with a lower social and environmental impact. In addition, if the transport is within Europe, delivery can be made in less than 48 hours.

The bank’s customers can carry out international road transport at a lower cost and with a lower social and environmental impact.

Trucksters’ innovative relay system combines technology and sustainability. Thanks to big data and artificial intelligence, an algorithm helps the operations team plan routes so that loads arrive as quickly as if they were transported by air (reducing time by 50%) but at the cost of ground transportation. In addition, this system makes it possible to manage the exchange of truck drivers, enabling them to spend more quality time at home and thus reconciling their work-life balance and improving the quality of their lives.

Towards a ‘zero-emission’ transport routing model

The integration of the relay system also makes it possible to move towards a gradual electrification of the truck fleet and to offer an additional service of carbon-neutral transport routes. Thanks to a carbon footprint calculation model, Trucksters can offset the emissions generated during their services by investing in carbon absorption projects, such as reforestation of woodlands.

In addition, during 2022 Trucksters will have a greater number of ‘Ecotrailers’. These trucks are painted with photocatalytic paint, which eliminates CO2 during the drying process, as well as using the energy of the light that hits the truck during its journey to eliminate polluting compounds through an oxidation process that decomposes harmful substances. This type of paint allows the truck to absorb more than four kilograms of carbon dioxide, the same as a tree in three months. One more step in the fight against pollution.

Companies can calculate their carbon footprint with BBVA

The bank have made available to their customers, through the financial aggregator for companies, a functionality that allows companies that request it, to know the estimated amount of greenhouse gases that they emit into the atmosphere with their daily activity. This way, and thanks to data analysis, SMEs and companies will be able to know an estimate of their carbon footprint in order to implement actions that will help them try to reduce their energy expenses, while at the same time generating a positive impact on the planet.

Carmen Hidalgo