5 tips to become a truck driver and be in good health

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Being a truck driver and enjoying good health is possible. The key is to follow a few tips that are not too far from those recommended for the general population. But recommendations that, in the case of professional drivers, are even more important. Discover the best ones.

Move, your life is at stake

Physical activity prevents cardiovascular disease and improves high blood pressure, strengthens bones and helps reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. It also greatly improves mood. The image of the truck driver always seems to be associated with a sedentary person, but this should be no more so than in many other jobs.

We recommend stretching during rest periods, walking and even jogging. You can do many types of exercise without equipment or, if you want to go further, take time out of your days off to practice individual or team sports. And don’t forget to have fun, or else it will be difficult to be consistent.

Eat healthy. Or healthier

Long-distance drivers are high-performance professionals. They should eat as such. Their productivity, as in the case of elite athletes, is largely determined by this. Spreading calorie intake over at least 5 light meals instead of 3 too many is a great first step, and not just to avoid drowsiness. Discarding processed and ultra-processed foods (yes, those so appetizing and cheap) is another.

In general, it is advisable to opt for fresh foods, with a constant presence of fruits and vegetables. As for beverages, alcoholic beverages and sugary soft drinks, as well as juices, should be discarded. It is not just a question of avoiding or reducing excess weight; with a healthy diet, truck drivers, like the rest of the population, live longer and better.

Take care of your mental health

Drivers are able to concentrate on the road for a long time. You should also leave room for your mind to relax. If you are not familiar with concepts such as meditation or mindfulness, don’t worry. On the internet you can find videos and podcasts, free of charge, where you can receive guidance on this.

If you manage negative thoughts and continuous worries better, you will improve your health and your mood. Seek professional help if you feel you are not able to handle certain situations or common thoughts. Mental health has a direct influence on preventing long-distance transportation accidents.

Socialize and share experiences with others like you

Sharing moments and experiences, whether on the road or in your personal life, with other truck drivers can be a great help. Overcome shyness; service areas and restaurants can become friendlier places than you think if you meet others like yourself. In addition to practical help (“who hasn’t needed a phone charger?”) you can forge real friendships if the routes are recurring and you meet the same drivers several times.

Rest more, rest better

The best truck drivers know that rest is key to their profession. No two truck drivers do well with exactly the same rest patterns, so you should find the best ones for you. Some tips are to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, take a short nap in the middle of the day or try to always repeat the same sleep schedule.

To rest better, you should also avoid heavy dinners, or use screens that emit light before going to sleep. If you sleep in the cabin, opt for quiet places and make sure that the heating or air conditioning systems work properly during the night.

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Carla Galindo