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We want to bring a change in how transportation is done

The story of Trucksters

We have a dream, and we are here to make it real

What happens when a strategy consultant, a sales consultant and a data scientist go to a truck parking? This sounds like the beginning of a joke; it was actually the beginning of Trucksters (which is not a joke at all!).

The founders noticed that there were too many trucks idle in that parking, and there were people waiting, eating and sleeping inside of them. After talking to a couple of drivers, the realization came that the status quo is not sustainable. The stories of the unknown of the roads were about hardships and loneliness, and it seemed like companies’ financial statements were built on inefficiencies. There was a need for a change. 

Trucksters developed a solution with the help of industry experts that improves drivers’ lives as well as companies’ profitability. We dream of empty truck parkings and happy drivers. We dream of the transportation network of the future. We are here to make this dream real.

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