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Trucksters reduces the delivery times of long-distance road freight by as much as 50% by allowing trucks to be continuously on the move; Our technology enables our pool of professionals to drive in relays the same vehicle and optimize its idle times, without the cost of having two drivers per cabin.



We provide Carriers with:

Enhanced Delivery Times at a Reduced Cost

Your trucks will be on the road quasi-continuously without the need of having two drivers per cabin

Freight Security

 Most of the freight theft incidents occur while the transport vehicle is on the rest. Less idle time, less losses!

Temporal Staffing

Tap into our pool of drivers in your periods of peak demand.

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Our pool of drivers benefit from

Flexible on-demand jobs

Ride where you want, when you want

Quality lifestyle

Rest at the warmth of your home every night

No Paperwork

Sign one-click digital contracts

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    How it works ?


How it works ?

Our App is very easy to use,
click on each icon and find out:

If you are a carrier, you post the origin and destination of your route. You’ll get an instant quote on price and delivery times

If you are a driver, you’ll get notifications of the new jobs around your area. Tap once and you are ready to drive!


"Our mission is to create collaboration in the transport industry to achieve a sustainable, efficient future where people can live better"


LUIS BARDAJÍ - Founding Partner


GABOR BALOGH - Founding Partner


RAMÓN CASTRO - VP of technology


If you are an ambitious, out-of- the-box thinker who is ready to embark on a professional adventure, contact us! We offer an open, flexible and challenging work environment where you will be able to put your entrepreneurial self to the test, with the possibility of earning stock options and participation in our company.


If you see value in our business and team, we are looking for investors to provide Trucksters with seed funding and a valuable network. Contact us for our detailed Business Plan and Investment Deck.


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